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Reviews By Jon/Gear Talk By Jon is not so much of a ''Review'' page like normal critics out there. We are musicians and fans of music of multi genre's of music. The reviews you see are based more as fan's giving there point of view instead of critic's giving there's to keep it real cause it gets really boring when critic's waste our time on tons of info no one really cares about. This mix of blogs and segments was created by Jon Hernandez in the hopes to help out as many Bands, Labels, Promoters, Gear Makers and Gearheads as possible.

If you are a Label or a Gear Maker and would like a review done or if you are a Label, Gear Maker, Promoter, Company, Band, Artist or anyone else in the music or gear world that would like banners or take part of any segments just drop us a email at Reviewsbyjon@gmail.com. 


Jon Hernandez
 Jon has been a music extremist his entire life from everything from blues to brutal and back again. Jon has had a passion for being a musician almost as long as he has loved music from the first time he saw his grandmother play and sing. Starting out with bass and then adding guitar, keys, singing. Jon has done many projects and is working on a couple albums and guest spots in his spare time and voice over work. Online radio is also one of his big passions where Jon has interviewed legendary musicians like Jon Oliva, Ronny Munroe, Csaba Zvekan, Mitch Stewart, David Readman, UDO, Bumblefoot, Christian Wentz, Rafa Macedo, Roland Grapow, Matt Malley, Bill Leverty, David Shankle, Henrik Flyman and with many others. Jon has done more then just music shows with also doing a stint with Blog Talk Radio and a Gear Show for a while. This blog is a great way to mix the blogs/radio shows and music he is working on to not only satisfy his lust for music and gear but to help out as many people along the way as can be done. In his spare time Jon also has a mobile DJ service he does for parties, weddings, reunions etc.

Jon is a DJ and Partial Station Owner at Listenerz Choice Radio

Jon personally endorses- Carvin Guitars and live sound, Impact Picks, Flying V Leather, Re-Axe Products, VG Guitars, EarCandy Cabinets, Warlord Custom Effects, Conquest Cables, Mack Amps, C.R. Alsip Guitars, FU-Tone, DrGooze Axewax, 4 Seasons Pickups.

You can keep up with what Jon is doing by following him on facebook  www.facebook.com/lespauljon

Kris Martens
Kris Martens is a multi instrumentalist and studio rat based in Calgary Ab. He is the mastermind behind DeadeneD and Devastation studio. He  has a few new projects in the works. An avid gear enthusiast, he is very happy to pick up the pen  (or smart phone as the case may be) for Reviews by Jon.

Kris is also now not just a writer for RBJ but a partner to help keep us rolling for the best in music and gear!!!

Contact Kris directly at https://www.facebook.com/kris.martens.92?fref=ts

Jim Nutting
Jim is a gear and music enthusiast, Having worked with such bands as the Eagles, Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, G&R, and B.B King for 28 years on the production end. After seeing all the great gear they use he set out to get that "PRO" Tone without the "PRO" price.

 You can contact Jim directly by his Facebook page www.facebook.com/Guitarmn35

 Chris Conrad

Native Virginian and owner of VG Guitars from Woodstock VA. Chris is a Telecommunications specialist. In his spare time Chris likes to make Carolina style pulled pork and spend time with his dogs. Chris is a blues junkie and calls himself a porch sitting specialist.

    I am thrilled to be a contributing writer for Reviews by Jon. I humbly offer my  perspective and   opinions as a custom guitar and bass builder with an extensive list of  happy customers attached to my resume. Although I have great loyalty toward the Tele style  guitar, I have many years experience with just about anything electric both solid and hollow  bodies. I always get excited when I am approached by a perspective customer that has a unique idea and a custom design that they want me to create.

My biggest personal accomplishments regarding custom guitar and bass building is that I never get tired of a Master Guitarist being absolutely “wowed” when I hand them for the first time their custom instrument. I am also forever fascinated when I hear an accomplished guitarist pull tones from a guitar that I made and know I would never be able to pull the same tones from that very same guitar.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to interact with Jon’s followers as long as I am welcome to contribute. Thanks for having me aboard Jon!

Please be patient as more writers will come on once the blog system is finished there is still much to add from Gear Maker segments, Band Segments, Giveaways and more!!!!
If you would like to do reviews or be part of the Reviews By Jon team drop us a line!!!

Yes we are aware that on the review page on the header where it says ''A blog from a fans point of view not a critics that fans needs to be spelled fan's and critic needs to be spelled critic's but there is a inside joke there that them that have worked with me will have a good laugh me with so if you laugh then you will be one of them that know!!!

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