Listenerz Choice Radio

 Listenerz Choice Radio is the new station on the block bringing you the best in music from all over the world. Our General that runs when no live DJ's are on is aimed at the best in Prog/Power Metal with a hint of Fusion. Each live DJ plays whatever they want from the best genres on the planet. This station is separate from the rest cause a band of brothers come together with tons of experience from all over the music world from music, blogs, interviews, networking, labels, promoters, and of coarse DJ'ing. We hope you will enjoy this station as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. This blog is encoded to have a player running straight from the actual LCR website so you are listening to the actual stream live.

The site is 

      Listenerz Choice Radio........Listenerz With a Z.........Simply The Best!!!!!

The LCR Owners and Operators!!!

                                                                   DR Rad Hatchet MD

I’m DR. Rad Hatchet MD, the DJ manager here at the station. While on the air I tend to run shows that are full of surprises but cater mostly to Jazzrock / Fusion / Instrumental / Power Metal and Prog music. You might say my show is Musicians Music…

                                                                  DJ Savage

I am DJ Savage and I am here with 3 of the best peeps in the world to bring you the best new and classic power and prog music the world has to offer. Let’s get strapped in and sit back and rock this joint!

                                                                   Wicked D

They call me Wicked D. My life-long dream is to open a heavy metal hot dog stand, but for the time being I manage techie/geeky stuff here at the station. Oh yeah, I’m also a former touring musician, a career coach and have published a couple of music biz educational guides. Seriously addicted to heavy metal and coffee.

                                                                   DJ Zed

I am the one and only DJ Zed. I am a total music freak, online blogger, musician and online radio DJ. I have been blessed to interview and work with musicians, bands, labels and promoters from all over the world. Music to me is not a hobby it is a total lifestyle. I can honestly say I feel completely naked without a guitar in my hands!!

I know it is a bit weird for some of you to see me as ''DJ Zed'' cause I am also Jon from Reviews By Jon and yes I am the ''Jon'' from RBJ. I was Zed for many years really enjoying by going by that name till I started working with a company that really pressured me to drop the ''Zed'' and go by my real name. Zed is back and back for good!!! I go by either Zed or Jon!!!


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